CHIP Reverse Mortgage Prepayment Calculator

If you pay your reverse mortgage before it is due, a prepayment charge may apply. The prepayment information provided here only applies to the CHIP Reverse Mortgage Contract 33. Refer to your disclosure statement to see which contract you have. If you have a CHIP Reverse Mortgage with Additional Funds, refer to the calculations in your disclosure statement.

Any amount you prepay will be applied to the following items first, in this order: administrative expenses, interest, and principal.

No prepayment charge applies:

  • on regular interest payments of a fixed amount by automatic withdrawal
  • on a single prepayment up to 10% of the outstanding principal and interest made within 30 days following each anniversary date, and
  • on a prepayment made after the 5th anniversary date and the payment is made within 30 days following a reset date
Payment is being made after how many years since the initial advance? 
Amount of principal and interest outstanding ($) 
Have you made a partial payment in the last 12 months? 
Amount being repaid ($) 
Current interest rate (%) 

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