What is your FPI - Financial Preparedness Index?

Have you saved enough for retirement, are you adequately insured, and have you set aside enough funds for an emergency? These are the three main questions that you need to ask when securing your financial future. Your FPI score will give you a quick assessment of your overall preparedness along with a chart detailing any potential shortfalls.
Age, Income and Assumptions
Your current age  
Spouse's current age (if applicable)  
Current annual income ($)  
Spouse's annual income (if applicable) ($)  
Cash/Liquid Savings ($) help
Investments & Retirement Savings ($) help
Current annual savings (% of combined income) help
Total debts ($) help
Existing life insurance ($)  
Anticipated inflation rate (%) help
Anticipated salary increases (%)  
Desired retirement age  
Expected investment return (%) help
The results and explanations generated by this calculator may vary due to user input and assumptions. New York Life Insurance Company does not guarantee the accuracy of the calculators, results, explanations, nor applicability to your specific situation. We recommend that you use this calculator as a guideline only and you ultimately seek the guidance of an experienced professional.

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