Should I Rollover to an IRA or Cash Out?

You've spent a long time accumulating funds in your retirement account. When you retire and take distribution of your funds you have many options to consider.
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Converting a traditional IRA or rollover retirement plan account to a Roth IRA will generally require the payment of both state and federal income taxes on the taxable portion of the dollars converted. Utilizing the proceeds of the traditional IRA or rollover account, unless you are over age 59 ½, can result in the payment of an additional federal penalty of 10% on the taxable portion used to pay the taxes. Additionally underpayment of taxes, irrespective of whether outside assets or traditional IRA proceeds will be utilized to pay the taxes due, can result in additional penalty taxes if there is insufficient tax withholding. Individuals converting a traditional IRA or a retirement plan rollover account to a Roth IRA should review the payment of estimated taxes with their tax adviser.

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Traditional IRA contributions plus earnings, interest, dividends, and capital gains may compound tax-deferred until you withdraw them as retirement income. Amounts withdrawn from traditional IRA plans are generally included as taxable income in the year received and may be subject to 10% federal tax penalties if withdrawn prior to age 59 1/2, unless an exception applies.

A Roth IRA is a tax-deferred and potentially tax-free savings plan available to all working individuals and their spouses who meet the IRS income requirements. Distributions, including accumulated earnings, may be made tax-free if the account has been held at least five years and the individual is at least 59 1/2, or if any of the IRS exceptions apply. Contributions to a Roth IRA are not tax deductible, but withdrawals during retirement are generally tax-free.

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