Burial and Final Expenses: What are my Burial and final expenses?

Long gone are the days of being buried in a pinewood box. Funeral expenses can vary from several thousand dollars up to $15,000 and more depending on which services you select. Funeral homes and crematoriums provide a list of expenses some of which have been enumerated here. Use this calculator as a guideline to help estimate your burial and final expenses.
Professional Services
Basic services of funeral director and staff ($) 
Embalming ($) 
Other preparations of the body ($) 
Facilities and Staff Services
Viewing and ceremony ($) 
Cemetery and graveside ($) 
Transportation Services
Transfer remains to funeral home ($) 
Hearse ($) 
Limousine ($) 
Casket/Cremation urn ($) 
Burial/Urn vault/liner ($) 
Monument/Memorial/Tombstone ($) 
Other Expenses
Burial clothing ($) 
Floral arrangements ($) 
Food ($) 
Airfare and accommodations ($) 
Other ($) 
The results and explanations generated by this calculator may vary due to user input and assumptions. New York Life Insurance Company does not guarantee the accuracy of the calculators, results, explanations, nor applicability to your specific situation. We recommend that you use this calculator as a guideline only and you ultimately seek the guidance of an experienced professional.

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