Am I saving enough for my retirement?

Retirement can be the saddest or happiest day of your life. This pre-retirement calculator will help you determine how well you have prepared and what you may need to do to improve your retirement outlook. It is important that you re-evaluate your preparedness on an ongoing basis. Changes in economic climate, inflation, achievable returns, and in your personal situation will impact your plan.
Your current age 
Current annual income ($) 
Spouse's annual income (if applicable) ($) 
Current retirement savings balance ($) 
Desired retirement age 
Number of years of retirement income 
Expected inflation (%)help
Income replacement at retirement (%) 
Pre-retirement investment return (%)help
Post-retirement investment return (%)help
Social Security
Include Social Security (SS) benefits? 
Marital status (For SS purposes only) 
Social Security override amount
(monthly amount in today's dollars) ($)
This calculator is an educational tool you can use to help estimate your future financial needs, based on variables you have selected. It cannot predict future returns or results, nor should you use past performance to predict future results. Financial decisions should not be made based on the results provided by this calculator. Always consult with your financial, tax or legal counsel before making such decisions. Generally speaking, investments that offer the potential for higher rates of return also involve a higher degree of risk.

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