Seed Planting Calculator—By Lineal Feet

Enter the number of lineal feet in each plant group that you are planting. Click SUBMIT to see your results. Use the TAB key for easy navigation.

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Lineal Feet
Arugula   Beans, Bush  
Beans, Pole   Beets  
Broccoli   Brussel Sprouts  
Cabbage   Carrots  
Cauliflower   Celery  
Chard, Swiss   Cucumbers  
Eggplant   Kale/Collards  
Kohlrabi   Leek  
Lettuce   Okra  
Onions   Peas  
Peppers   Radish  
Spinach   Squash, Winter  
Squash, Yellow   Squash, Zucchini  
Sweet Corn   Tomatoes  
This information may help you analyze your seed purchasing needs. It is based on information provided by you regarding your goals, expectations and situation. Yields and calculations are approximate and may vary based on gardening techniques, growing conditions and germination rates.