Garden Planning Center

Use the following calculators and tools to help you plan for your gardening needs.

Seed Calculator—By Serving           Seed Calculator—By Lineal Foot
Our "Serving" calculator is perfect for those who love to preserve vegetables from their gardens by drying, freezing and canning. Enter in the desired amounts you wish to preserve and our handy calculator will tell you how many plants and seeds you will need in order to produce the needed quantities of vegetables.           Our "Lineal Foot" calculator is a great tool to help you plan for the space you have available. You provide the number of lineal feet you wish to plant for each vegetable, and this ingenious calculator will tell you how many seeds you will need in order to fill your available space. It will also provide approximate yields of each vegetable that you can expect.
Growing Calendar By Zone           Garden Layout Grids
Our Growing Calendar can help you determine a safe time to begin planting in order to avoid frost and also to provide ample time for a bountiful harvest. Click the map below to get started.           Our Garden Layout Grids come in two different sizes. You can print out these handy grids and use them to plan where you will plant your vegetables. For a PDF version, click below on the grid image of the size you would like.