What are my new business startup costs?

Before you launch a new venture, you should take the time to estimate the total capital that will be needed. Startup costs are divided into two main categories: one-time startup costs and recurring monthly expenses. Depending on when you expect to receive payments for your goods and services, it may be wise to begin with several months of working capital. Use this calculator to help discover and estimate your total business startup costs. Be sure to only include those items that are essential to start the business.
Number of months to fund monthly expenses 
Monthly Costs
Owner(s) salaries ($) 
Employee salaries and commissions ($) 
Rent/Lease payments ($) 
Advertising/Web Site hosting ($) 
Postage and shipping costs ($) 
Supplies ($) 
Telephone ($) 
Public utilities ($) 
Business/Health insurance ($) 
Taxes (including payroll) ($) 
Interest payments ($) 
Maintenance ($) 
Legal/Accounting fees ($) 
Miscellaneous ($) 
One-Time Fixed Costs
Office Furniture/Fixtures/Equipment ($) 
Building Improvements/Remodeling ($) 
Lease/Rent deposit ($) 
Starting inventory ($) 
Public utility deposits ($) 
Legal/Professional fees ($) 
Licenses/Permits/Franchise Fees ($) 
Advertising/Web Site/Promotion ($) 
Cash on Hand/Operating Capital ($) 
One-Time Miscellaneous ($) 
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