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Discover the better option between loans.

In addition to the calculated monthly payments, annual percentage rate (APR) offers a good apples-to-apples comparison between loans. APR takes into account the varying discount points, closing costs and fees that are typically added into the loan amount and financed over the term of the loan. If the fees are paid "out-of-pocket" then the APR will be the same as the stated interest rate. Use this calculator to help determine the best loan option for you.

Loan Assumptions

Loan 1Loan 2Loan 3
Original loan amount ($)
Term (in years)
Annual interest rate

Traditional Closing Costs

Loan 1
(0% to 5%)
Loan 2
(0% to 5%)
Loan 3
(0% to 5%)
Discount points
Origination fee
Lender fees (processing/underwriting) ($)
Title insurance ($)
Other fees and costs ($)