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Estimate Your Retirement Plan Withdrawals

Under the SECURE Act, your required minimum distribution (RMD) must be distributed by the end of the 10th calendar year following the year of the Individual Retirement Account (IRA) owner's death. Penalties may occur for missed RMDs. Any RMDs due for the original owner must be taken by their deadlines to avoid penalties. A surviving spouse of the IRA owner, disabled or chronically ill individuals, individuals who are not more than 10 years younger than the IRA owner, and child of the IRA owner who has not reached the age of majority may have other minimum distribution requirements.

Dates Of Birth

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Plan Information

This is a hypothetical example used for illustrative purposes only. This worksheet provides an estimate of your annual required minimum distribution from a retirement account based on certain assumptions. It is not intended to provide specific investment advice. There are several other factors that can affect your actual required minimum distribution, including the type of retirement plan and whether you are retired.