What are my projected required minimum distributions?

This calculator provides an illustrative projection of your future required minimum distributions (RMDs). The IRS requires you to make annual minimum withdrawals from certain qualified plans after reaching a specific age based on your date of birth. The RMDs are calculated annually based on the balance of the account at the end of the previous year, your age, who is the designated beneficiary of the account, and your spouse's age if they are the designated beneficiary. If you do not complete the annual RMD, you may be subject to a 25% penalty on your underpayment, plus ordinary income tax as the funds are withdrawn. Timely filing of Form 5329 may reduce the penalty to 10%. Understanding expected RMDs is an important component of effective retirement planning.
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Year of RMD 
Plan Information
Is the designated beneficiary of the account the owner's spouse? 
What was the prior year end balance of the account? ($) 
What is the anticipated rate of return? (%)help
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