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Evaluate Your Saving Strategy

Knowing how much money you need to save for retirement and how to invest it can be challenging. This quick 'check-up' will help you determine if you're on the road to meeting your needs or if you should consider a new direction. A red light indicates rough roads ahead. Yellow suggests that you can make improvements to your saving strategy. Green means that you're heading in the right direction. You'll also see some helpful guidance for improving your investment and savings strategy.

Note: This 'check-up' assumes that you'll retire at age 65 and that you'll need at least 85% of your preretirement income after you retire.

Questions and Assumptions

This information may help you analyze your financial needs. It is based on information and assumptions provided by you regarding your goals, expectations and financial situation. The calculations do not infer that the company assumes any fiduciary duties. The calculations provided should not be construed as financial, legal or tax advice. In addition, such information should not be relied upon as the only source of information. This information is supplied from sources we believe to be reliable but we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Hypothetical illustrations may provide historical or current performance information. Past performance does not guarantee nor indicate future results.